Success Stories

  • Kim Mulholland

    Kim lost 22 kilos in 6 months with Celebrity Slim

    Kim, a 38-year-old working mother, was looking for a way to lose weight successfully. Previous attempts at healthy eating and diet foods hadn't worked. When she tried the Celebrity Slim Program she lost 22 kilos!

  • April Maxwell lost a staggering 100 kilos with Celebrity Slim!

    April Maxwell lost over 100kg before her 40th birthday!

    "Losing 100 kilos is the biggest thing I've done in my life. Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn't have predicted how good this would feel. I'm 40 and I look better than I have at any other time in my life. Better than when I was 20. Better than on my wedding day. I feel really healthy and happy and sexy! I just feel so grateful that my body hung in there."

  • Corrin after losing 22 kilos with Celebrity Slim

    Corrin lost 22 kilos with Celebrity Slim

    "I consider myself to be a pretty normal woman. I am a mother of three who always ran out of time to look after myself. I am not rich and famous, so don't have access to a personal trainer or chef. So when I decided it was time to lose weight I found that Celebrity Slim was perfect for me."

  • Lacey lost 5 kilos in less than 3 weeks

    Lacey lost 5 kilos in less than 3 weeks

    “I had tried other diets and was a bit sceptical about a shake program, but when I lost 2kg in my first week I knew it was going to be great."

  • Vicki lost 20 kilos with Celebrity Slim

    Vicki lost 20 kilos with Celebrity Slim

    "Losing weight has made me feel free, alive, healthy, happier, fabulous and sexy! I was trapped behind all the weight I had gained and now with a new mind-set and sexy body I have certainly regained my confidence again."

  • Bethany lost 18 kilos and boosted her self-esteem with Celebrity Slim!

    Bethany lost 18 kilos and gained higher self-esteem

    For most of my life I have been overweight. When I was younger I was always a chubby girl so I had very low self confidence from an early age. As I hit puberty I thinned out a bit and was attractive to some of the boys, but because I still had such low self-esteem I always thought I looked fat.

  • Susan lost 30 kilos with Celebrity Slim

    Chocoholic Susan lost 30 kilos with Celebrity Slim

    “I started on the Celebrity Slim program because a friend gave me a try of her chocolate meal bar. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and being that I had such a weakness for chocolate I figured this was probably a good diet for me!"

  • Lauren after losing 27 kilos with Celebrity Slim

    Losing 27 kilos gave Lauren the confidence to follow her dreams

    "My battle with fat has been life long. I've always struggled to achieve a healthy weight and I have always failed...until now. I have tried every diet under the sun and none have worked for me. So when I first heard of Celebrity Slim and how easy it was to follow, I immediately went and bought the product."

  • Ana lost 24 kilos with Celebrity Slim

    Ana lost 24 kilos with Celebrity Slim. "I honestly feel amazing."

    When I started on my quest to lose weight it was a matter of deciding that I was drawing a line not in the sand, but in concrete. I had just been to a wedding and when I looked at the photographs I realised how much older my weight made me look.

  • Nicole lost 10 kilos in preparation for her wedding.

    Nicole lost 10 kilos in time for her wedding.

    "I reached my goal weight and had the fairytale wedding day I always dreamed of. I used to be an emotional eater, but Celebrity Slim helped me change my ways, all in time to look fantastic for my big day."

  • Marco lost 76kg with Celebrity Slim

    Marco lost 76kg with Celebrity Slim

    I'd finally had enough of feeling like a waste of a life & wanted to really do something about it. Losing weight makes me feel like a new person! It's actually hard to describe since I've never really felt like this before, much more confident in everything I do. Clothes shopping is now a great fun time out!

  • Kristy lost 12kg and raised over $6,000 for charity!

    Kristy lost 12 kilos & raised over $6,000 for charity!

    "I started using Celebrity Slim as part of a ‘Fat-A-Thon’ fundraiser to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. I collected donations and pledges based on the number of kilos I lost and all up I raised over $6,000 and lost 12kg."

  • Brea lost 25 kilos & learned to control her appetite

    Brea lost 25 kilos & learned to control her appetite

    "When my ex-partner and I separated, I often looked at myself and wished I was able to get back to the size I was before our relationship. Also, now being a single mum I felt I needed to get back into shape to be able to play and have fun with my then 2 and a half year old daughter."

  • Leanne after losing 44 kilos with Celebrity Slim

    Yummy mummy Leanne lost 44 kilos in less than 6 months

    "I used to be a time-poor Mum, feeling like I never had a moment to think about myself. But with the help of Celebrity Slim, I now proudly wear the label 'Yummy Mummy'. The best thing was it was so easy to fit into my busy life."'

  • Jane after losing 24kg with Celebrity Slim

    Jane lost 24 kilos and feels like a new woman!

    "In just over 4 months, I have lost 24 kilos and I feel like a new woman. I feel fantastic! I used to be a bit of a naughty snacker, but Celebrity Slim not only helped me lose weight, it also taught me how to make healthier snack choices."

  • Slimming Diet

    Kirrily reached her target weight of 60 kilos with Celebrity Slim by eating, eating and eating!

    “I literally ate the weight off“.

  • Healthy Diet Plans

    Nicole dropped 31 kilos by not giving up – especially when she slipped up!

    “I learnt not to be impatient about losing weight. And I always checked my measurements – because sometimes you don’t lose weight but you DO lose inches!”

  • Sarah lost 35 kilos with Celebrity Slim - by going for it mind, body and soul!

    Sarah lost 35 kilos and kept it off - by going for it mind, body and soul!

    "All my other diets had been quick fixes – which meant they didn’t work in the long run. With Celebrity Slim it wasn’t just about the shakes, it was about changing the way I ate, the way I thought about food, the way I thought about me. I went for it mind, body and soul, and it worked! The weight came off – and stayed off."

  • Sonnie lost 21.2kg in 8 weeks with Celebrity Slim

    Sonnie lost 21.2 kilos in 8 weeks!

    "I started Celebrity Slim because I felt unhealthy and had no energy for my two young children. With another baby on the way, I couldn’t imagine staying in that shape any longer. I wanted to make sure I’d be around when they were adults."

  • Andrew Whiteman lost 100 kilos with Celebrity Slim and has kept it off nearly two years later.

    Andrew lost 100kg & 3 years on he's kept it off!

    "I was the ultimate lounge lizard. I'd lay down to use the computer, I'd drive around until a parking spot closest to the door became available. I missed out on so much that my friends and family got to do for years, I felt robbed."

  • Rick lost 14 kilos in 7 weeks!

    Rick lost 14 kilos in 7 weeks!

    "After only a few days into the program I realised how much over eating I was doing and not because I was hungry but just due to the fact I had fallen into bad habits and turned to food I didn't need for comfort. Celebrity Slim has helped point me in the right direction of making smarter food choices, I now have more energy as a result and have lost 14 kilos in 7 weeks."

  • Jessica lost 11.5kg with Celebrity Slim

    Jessica lost 11.5kg

    I wanted to lose weight as I felt tired, heavy, bloated and I knew I could feel so much better about myself if I lost the weight.

  • Julia lost 13kg with Celebrity Slim

    Julia lost 13kg with Celebrity Slim

    I have fluctuated my weight for years. Each few months those kilos crept on. 18 months ago I only needed to lose 10 kilos now I want to lose 15-17 kilos. I know how bad it feels to feel bloated, lethargic, insecure and overweight and now I know how good it is to feel slimmer, healthier, energetic and positive about myself.

  • Kelly lost 9kg with Celebrity Slim

    Kelly lost 9kg with Celebrity Slim

    I started to gain weight because I had a lazy lifestyle, I didn’t eat properly or exercise enough. Having lost weight now, I feel so much better about myself. Enjoying every day being happier is the best!

  • Mum of twins Louise lost 10kg with Celebrity Slim

    Mum of twins Louise lost 10kg with Celebrity Slim

    Ultimately, losing weight means increasing my self esteem, giving me more confidence in who I am and what I can do and what I can wear.

  • Koo lost 30 kilos in 8 months with Celebrity Slim

    Mum of 5 Koo lost 30 kilos in 8 months

    "My name is Koo, I am 37 years old and married with 5 children. I had 4 of my 5 children within 6 years, which really contributed to my weight gain. I was already going to the gym, but my weight was not really going down. I was weighed on 13/3/09 by one of the staff at the gym and I was devastated by the fact that I was 118kg."

  • Amy lost 24kg with Celebrity Slim

    Amy lost 24kg with Celebrity Slim

    After I had my first child (who I am with in my before photo) I was weighing in at 108kg. I couldn't believe I had let myself go so much, so I started dieting. I had tried everything and had no success... until I found Celebrity Slim.

  • Erica

    Erica lost 6kg in 6 weeks

    I’m so happy with the results! I’ve lost 6 kilo’s in just 6 weeks and gained so much confidence. I’ve enjoyed the products and even my workouts! I now have heaps of energy to conquer the gym everyday.

  • Yan Fei

    Yan Fei lost 11kg in 6 weeks

    I’ve dropped a whopping 11 kilos in 6 weeks! Seeing results was extremely motivating and really kept me going. I am more energetic, more confident, feel healthier & more motivated than ever before.

  • Diane

    Diane lost 5kg in 6 weeks

    I’ve lost 5 kilos and can now fit into all the clothes in my wardrobe! The results have been amazing. I actually bought a dress 2 sizes smaller in the first week of the challenge and wore it to a wedding the day after the challenge finished. I’m amazed!

  • Alison

    Alison lost 10kg in 6 weeks

    I’ve lost 10 kilos in 6 weeks and I Feel amazing. I never thought I would lose the weight at 40, especially not this easily. Now all the ladies in the gym are asking how I did it.

  • Scott

    Scott lost 13.4kg in 6 weeks

    I’ve lost a massive 13.4 kilos in just 6 weeks and feel like a new person. I feel more confident than ever, my clothes are fitting better and I will need a new wardrobe soon. I now have more energy to play with my kids and enjoy the more important things in life.

  • Charley

    Charley lost 4.8kg in 6 weeks

    I lost 4.8kilos in 6 weeks. I enjoyed the challenge and how celebrity slim sets out exactly what to eat and when to eat it and was easy to stick too. I have lots more energy and a more positive view on everyday activities.

  • Michelle

    Michelle lost 6kg in 6 weeks

    In just 6 weeks, I’ve lost 6 kilos and feel amazing. I have heaps more energy to keep up with my 3 little children and my clothes are falling off me.

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